Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day 7 - A good cautious day

I traded 33 races today with just one tiny loss. It might sound strange, but it was because I was doing so well that I was anxious for the racing to finish. The reason for that is that I feared that one big loss would come along and cancel out all the profit I'd gained from my hard work. I can remember counting ten races still to go, and wishing they'd hurry up and finish. I was also trying to be extra careful not to lose. That meant that some races produced tiny profits. But those ten races produced a profit of about £60, which I consider to be pretty good money. Although the winnings per race may be tiny, when you add them up, they are quite significant. While I realise that I could lose all of today's profit on tomorrow's first race, that doesn't seem as bad as it would have been had it happened tonight.

Profit for the day was £281. And that takes me to my highest closing balance since I began. It also completes my first week. In a way, the time is just as important as the money, because the longer I can continue to be in profit, and better still, increase the profits, the greater the chance that I can actually do this profitably long term, and that it's not just a fluke.

Races traded: 33
P/L £281.86
Average P/L £8.54

Races traded: 280
P/L £1941.78
Average P/L: £6.93

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