Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Allan the Gambler!

After saying that this blog is for my trading only, I've decided that since my horse trading opportunities have dried up, I'm going to post the daily results of my brand new horse laying system. Again, this should help me be more disciplined and hopefully prevent me from making bets just for the sake of it.

I'll explain a bit more about the system later (not the selection process or the selections), but tonight I'll just bring my blog up to date with the results since I began using the system a couple of days ago.

Profits shown are net of commission.

Monday 28 September
Starting bank: 2000.00
Today's profit: -50.40
New bank: 1949.60

Today's strike rate: 0 wins from 1 selection = 0%

(Following the first day, I changed the system slightly)

Tuesday 29 September
Starting bank: 1949.60
Today's profit: 58.26
Profit since start: 7.86
New bank: 2007.86

Today's strike rate: 6 wins from 6 selections = 100%
Strike rate since start: 6 wins from 7 selections = 85.71%

Wednesday 30 September
Starting bank: 2007.86
Today's profit: 64.77
Profit since start: 72.63
New bank: 2072.63

Today's strike rate: 13 wins from 14 selections = 92.86%
Strike rate since start: 19 wins from 21 selections = 90.48%


Anonymous said...

Hi Allan,

When you say your horse trading opportunities have dried up do you mean your opportunities to sit there and trade horses or some other market force that's preventing you from doing it?


Allan said...


I work 9 to 5, and with the evening racing greatly reduced, there aren't the same opportunities as there were during the summer.