Sunday, 16 August 2009

It had to happen...

Big loss today. Will I learn from it, I wonder?

In answer to a comment, I blank out my non trading activities. I might begin an "Allan the Exchange Gambler" blog later, but I doubt it. :)


westie said...

Ouch! What went wrong? Chasing Loses?
You say you have been trading for 6 weeks, how long did that take you to consistently make profits?
I have been trading a few weeks and it seems to be about 50/50 at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, don't give up, I've been enjoying it so far.

Please let us know what happened. Also what's going on with the other sports, would be interested.

The Turf Speculator said...

Just came across your blog...very interesting read. Ggod luck!


JS said...

Looking at the bright side, It will do your premium charge a world of good!

Have also started a blog recently and woudl appreciate if you could add me to your blog roll.

Best of luck with your next trading session and remember without mistakes we would never know where to improve!


Allan said...


Letting them go in play. Sometimes I get away with it, sometimes not. I was fairly consistent from the start and kept improving throughout July. I've been less consistent since then.

I don't trade any other sports yet. I don't know how to.

Thanks TS

Added JS.

Jack Birkhead said...

Sorry to hear about your loss mate, try keep your chin up. Think about your great profits from the previous days and just keep trying to tackle the in running devil!

Good luck this week at York