Thursday, 13 August 2009

A satisfying evening

I jokingly compared my result last night with those of Adam Heathcote, who along with Peter Webb, Adam Todd and other unsung profesional traders who make extraordinary profits, has to be an inspiration to all of us wannabee pros. Of course, the difference between me and them is that they can do this just about every day. With me, it's an occasional event, and as leonthefixer rightly said, I could hit trouble any time due to the fact that I have problems taking my reds on the chin.

Thanks to those followers who have congratulated me on last night's profit. In answer to a question I was asked, I have changed my style to a degree. I did significantly increase my stakes. This has caused me to be more cautious pre play, and so far it is working. I'm still going in play a few times, but not as often as before. The big difference, although it has happened before, is that I enter markets strongly believing that I am going to profit. That's not intended to sound arrogant. I just think it demonstrates that I'm in the groove. I'm not normally a confident person, but there's a chance that could change if I started making as much as Adam on a regular

Sorry to hear about the death of horse Something Inside tonight. Subconsciously I had been singing the Labi Siffre song all evening having seen the name, It is sad that this happens to racehorses.

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Anonymous said...

Well done on an excellent result.

Adam Todd never reached the same totals as the modern traders before he gave up, so youre probably one up on him already.

Heathcote and Webb need to watch their back!