Friday, 7 August 2009

Not the start I was looking for.

Mixed feelings about my first blog result. It's positive in that I made a profit, but I can't be too pleased by the way it was achieved. It was a night to knock my confidence. I struggled to get any sort of direction in the prices at all, and ended up going in play far too many times. After a very good start, it all began to go wrong. Many of the markets suffered from poor liquidity too. It's not often you get four evening meetings.

So I'm behind on target already, but should hopefully make that up tomorrow. I'm hoping for some smooth trading tomorrow to help me regain my confidence.

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afropunk said...

Hey Allan might be an idea to reduce stakes if you are still finding the temptation of going in-play difficult to overcome. I would say master your technique first with minimal stakes before setting any profit targets. Its essential to develop the consistency in entrance and exit points in order to profit long term. I wish you the best of luck in your challenge.