Sunday, 9 August 2009

My first loss

I lost £13.03 yesterday, but that doesn't even begin to describe how badly I traded. It was so bad that I'm too embarrassed to post my P+L listing. The only positive thing I can take from it was that I took a £10.69 loss in a race before it went in play. I need to do that every time in that situation.

As suggested to me, I'm going to forget about targets. I'm looking forward to being "in the zone" for tonight's racing, and taking my reds like a man (not that I'll have any!) :)


Jack Birkhead said...

I think targets are fine mate, but i think it depends on the person and their situation. For you i reccomended u dont put targets on yourself due to you having a few in-running losses creep in. The last thing you want to do is chase those i-r losses by trying to reach your target for that chosen day for example. All that will do is slow down the learning curve of overcoming the i-r losses your having. Having a day-off 2day and tuning into that Betfair Q&A later on

Anonymous said...


would you like to exchange links?


Allan said...


Any idea where I can see the forum discussion. I'm banned from the forum.


I've linked to your blog. Is that what you meant?


Jack Birkhead said...

I could copy/paste the whole Q&A section if u like Allan. Could send them to your email? let me know

Allan said...

Could you paste it here, Jack? Thanks.

trader1 said...

thanks mate
i added yours also