Friday, 16 October 2009

Day 19 results

Today's starting bank: 2474.39
Today's profit: 244.37
Profit since 28/09/2009: 718.76
New bank: 2718.76
New stake liability: 109.00 (unchanged)

Today's strike rate: 43 wins from 44 selections = 97.73%
Strike rate since start: 256 wins from 281 selections = 91.1%

Projections for 27/09/2010
Strike rate: 4650 wins from 5072 selections = 91.68%
Profit: £1,266,256.28

I made a change to the system today that increases the number of selections. I've removed the filter on prices because the historical data shows that it should increase profits overall. It should also help maintain a low commission rate, and it will mean there will be more races in which I have more than one runner. This will mean I will gain a commission benefit where I've layed the winner as well as a loser or two.

I'm still looking for other ways to improve profitability, and I still plan to analyse the place market data.



Nice day of your businesslike approach. All the best!


Allan said...

Thanks mate. I appreciate that.