Saturday, 17 October 2009

Day 20 results

Today's starting bank: 2718.76
Today's profit: 236.89
Profit since 28/09/2009: 955.65
New bank: 2955.65
New stake liability: 118.23

Today's strike rate: 44 wins from 47 selections = 93.62%
Strike rate since start: 300 wins from 328 selections = 91.46%

Projections for 27/09/2010
Strike rate: 5217 wins from 5676 selections = 91.91%
Profit: £2,357,442.34




Amazing strike rate. As a disciplined punter I rely on striking with advantage situations where I have an edge. In your operation it is obvious that you have been taking advantage of a high volume of edges in your trading...that's similar to investing. Great job!

Would you be king enough to view my blog and possibly place it on your list.

Thanks and continued success


Rob M said...

Hi Allan,

Really interesting to read - however the frustrating thing with both your blog and Maria's post was the distinct lack of information about how you came to choose the selections you have laid. I read elsewhere that you have developed a program to do this for you - however I am interested in what criteria you are using and how you and pulling the info together. I appreciate you don't want to share which horses you are laying, but showing how you came to that conclusion would be really interesting, otherwise we're just sitting here gawping at your profit!