Thursday, 22 October 2009


I posted some stats about the historical data for the place lay system recently. Here's the same info on the win lay system.

For the 669 days since December 2007, there were 420 (63%) winning days. The highest win on a day was £795. The biggest losing day was £741. That's to a fixed liablility of £100 per selection with commission deducted. There was a sequence of 8 losing days in a row, and 11 winning days in a row.

Here's a graph showing the average profit per race (in £s) for each calander month. As you can see, only August shows a loss. Hopefully I'll have already made my millions before August! :)

I suppose I could turn it into a backing system in August?


afropunk said...

about £55 a month sound right?

Allan said...


If you meant per day, then yes. Over the 669 days, it made £33,945. That's an average of £50.74 per day to a fixed liability of £100 per selection.

I just hope things don't change!