Friday, 2 October 2009

Friday's results

Today's starting bank: 2076.67
Today's profit: 43.59
Profit since 28/09/2009: 120.26
New bank: 2120.26
New stake liability: 84.81

Today's strike rate: 5 wins from 5 selections = 100%
Strike rate since start: 32 wins from 35 selections = 91.43%

Other factors that would help towards a profitable laying system are:

Maximise the number of horses to lay
Maria's system produced 4131 selections in that year. At the moment, mine produces roughly half that amount. I would be delighted to be able to increase my number of lays, obviously without introducing so may winners to make the system less profitable. I'm going to have a look.

Avoid backfitting
It is possible to add to your historical strike rate by using filters. That's all well and good if the reasons for those filters aren't just random. They have to be logical. For example, if I exclude horses with names beginning with the letter 'A', the strike rate may increase, but unless I can see why there is good reason for it, it's unlikely to increase my profits. Although it might reduce my losses!

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