Saturday, 3 October 2009

Saturday's results

I had been looking forward to some trading this weekend, indeed I was hoping for the same on Tuesday and Wednesday because I'd taken time off work for that purpose. Unfortunately, the software I use, Bettrader, has been having problems that have kicked that plan into touch.

I'm still continuing with my laying system though, and here's today's results.

Today's starting bank: 2120.26
Today's profit: 235.25
Profit since 28/09/2009: 355.51
New bank: 2355.51
New stake liability: 94.22

Today's strike rate: 24 wins from 26 selections = 92.31%
Strike rate since start: 56 wins from 61 selections = 91.8%

I have very significantly increased the number of horses to lay without (hopefully) reducing the profitability of the system.

There were a few successful short priced lays today, and today's two winners both won by just a head. I know it's early days, but I think this could go very well. However, there will be losing days and maybe even the odd losing month ahead!

I did some more analysis of place laying these horses and am still unsure about the best way forward.

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steve price said...

hi alan,

nice blog mate, i feel am in a simular position to you my discipline is a massive problem in my trading, i know i can make profit trading but as soon as i get a red, i start letting it go in play, i have blown £1000's over the last 12 months just down to me being foolish, but i see your results are a lot better than mine, even in your older screen shots am interested to hear how you actually make such decent profit trading in your august screen shots? some days you only lost in 1 race ?

thanks steve