Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thursday's results

Today's starting bank: 2438.17
Today's profit: -105.24
Profit since 28/09/2009: 332.93
New bank: 2332.93
New stake liability: 97.53 (unchanged)

Today's strike rate: 17 wins from 20 selections = 85%
Strike rate since start: 122 wins from 136 selections = 89.71%

As a bit of fun, I plan to add a new item to my daily report; a figure representing the projected year's profit. This will be calculated from the results and prices of bets placed to date, but repeated to simulate 365 days. In the early days, this will be very inaccurate as a prediction, but it will gain accuracy over time as the proportion that is factual increases.

Projected strike rate at 27/09/2010: 4049 wins from 4513 selections: 89.72%
Projected profit at 27/09/2010: £229,648.80

I'd settle for that!!!

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